Gotta Stop Hitting that Space Bar Twice


When I learned to type in the 1960s, one of the hard and fast rules was that you always leave two spaces after every sentence. That way, the reader knew that one thought was completed and another was to begin. You might have noticed that there is only one space between the sentences in this paragraph. That’s what you are supposed to do now, or so I am told.

It makes perfect sense. All that wasted space. People should know the sentence is over from punctuation point at the end of it. But even punctuation is being eliminated, especially in tweets, because of its 140 character limit. I guess written communication is always changing & I have to adapt. But I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time going back and eliminating one of the spaces I will leave out of force of habit.

Looking back, I can’t complain. Back when I was taking typing, if you made one mistake, you had to retype the entire page. Compared to that, deleting a space or two doesn’t sound so bad.

About johnnysells

Johnny-Sells is an online retail store in Chicago. We carry a wide variety of products including women's & men's clothing, shoes and accessories. We also carry collectibles, including Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments and Dept 56 buildings.
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