How I Wrap Delicate Objects

We shipped a Hurricane Lamp to Thailand.  It’s actually an electric model, but it’s a lot like the old oil fueled models they use in actual hurricanes. DSC05163

Here’s the lamp before any wrapping.  Two large parts and a smaller part you’ll see later.


The top part goes first.  Wrapped it in one layer of flexible foam.



Next, I wrapped some foam the other way around so no glass is exposed.


Another wrap of foam the first way again couldn’t hurt.


Then, a layer of small bubble wrap.  First one way.


Then the other way so (hardly any) foam was exposed.


Then the base of the lamp.  This was tricky as it was wider at both ends and fragile glass is the middle


Now the other way around.  You can see that my foam doesn’t quite fit the longer base.


So I added a third layer of foam around the side.


First layer of bubble wrap.


Second layer of bubble wrap.


Both main pieces together

DSC05176 The “Chimney” of the lamp.  This goes over the light bulb.


The chimney in foam.


All three parts in the box.

DSC05181Large bubble wrap fills the gaps.

I’m ALWAYS nervous about shipping fragile objects a great distance.  But properly wrapped items are as safe going around the world as they are going across town.

My theory is: If you put enough foam and bubble wrap between your object and the walls of a sturdy box, you can ship just about any item any where in the world.  It’s actually safer in many foreign countries than it is in America.  At least, that’s been my experience.

We’ve shipped to Thailand before.  They’re very efficient over there.  I’m quite confident, but I’m still a little nervous.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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