US Vice President Pens #1 Hit Song!

Joe Biden

No, it’s not Joe Biden (pictured above).  It’s Charles G. Dawes (who?) He was Republican Calvin Coolidge’s VP from 1924 -28.  Before entering politics, Dawes was the owner of several gas companies.


Charles G. Dawes

He was also a self taught pianist and composer.  He wrote “Melody in A Major” in 1912.   The song was popular at the time and Dawes used it as his campaign theme song.  In 1951, Carl Sigman added lyrics.  In 1958, singer Tommy Edwards recorded the song as “It’s All in the Game”

The song was number one on the Billboard chart for six weeks.  Since then, the song has become a popular standard, recorded by The Four Tops, Isaac Hayes, Jackie DeShannon, Van Morrison, Nat “King” Cole, Elton John, Mel Carter, Barry Manilow and Keith Jarrett, among others.

In addition to music, Dawes had a most interesting career.  He raised millions of dollars to help France in the dark days before the US entered World War I.  He was an Army General with the Seventeenth Engineers during the war.     He developed a plan to restore Germany to a stable economy after the war while it paid reparations.  Unfortunately, his reasonable plan was rejected and replaced with one that was far more harsh to the Germans, possibly causing the rise of Hitler.  And he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

You can read more about this amazing guy in the Wikipedia article, including the story about how Coolidge’s choice for Attorney General was defeated in the Senate because Dawes took a nap.

Best of all, you can buy an authentic Coolidge Dawes campaign button.  They aren’t making these babies anymore, so Johnny-Sells is one of the few places to get one.

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