Sgt Herbert Roth – US Army Air Force killed in line of duty Dec. 7, 1944

B-29 Humpin’ Honey

Unknown airman standing beside “Humpin’ Honey” Bomber in an undated photo.

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1 Response to B-29 Humpin’ Honey

  1. Cowboy says:

    I was totally blown away when I found your pics and models of HUmpin Honey. I am currently working on major project to tell story of 67 graduates from DeVilbiss High School (Toledo OH) that went to war and KIA. One of them was Sgt Herb Roth. I am in touch with his brother and many photos.. but he has no idea about your pics and site! Thank you. Please stay in touch with me on this. I will US Postal mail you a copy of our national Press release. I am “Cowboy”… our website is for our youth program born out of DHS in my time (70).

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