Quality Exhibitor at HKTDC Trade Fairs

Quality Exhibitor at HKTDC Trade Fairs

I was recently fortunate enough to attend the National Home and Housewares Association Show.  The enormous trade fair fills three huge buildings at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center.   They sell everything from vacuum cleaners to pots and pans and thousands of of different gadgets to make housework easier.

There are large sections of exhibitors from China, India, Thailand, Malaysia and many others.  The Japanese pavilion had special incentives for buying from firms from the tsunami/nuclear disaster area.

Hong Kong also was well represented.  The Hong Kong Trade Development Council was promoting trade shows that must be similar to the Housewares Show.   They were handing out carrying bags to show attendees.  You can get a lot of brochures, flyers and knick-knacks at these shows and this type of bag is great for carrying lots of stuff.

The part I liked about the bag was the picture of the Quality Exhibitor (see above).  He appears to be a thirties something, bright, casual Asian guy with a good haircut.   I’m sure the HKTDC trade fairs are full of quality exhibitors, but I wonder how this guy got chosen.  Was there a competition?  Is he “Mr. Quality Exhibitor” of 2012?  Or is he an artistic representation of all the qualities that the HKTDC sees in quality exhibitors.

They brought thousands of these bags to Chicago.  My guess is they have millions more back home.   So, somebody thought long and hard about what to put on these bags and this guy was the winner.

My advice to you is to print up a copy of the photo above and carry it with you the next time you go to a trade fair.   When you meet an exhibitor, you can refer to the photo.  If the exhibitor matches Mr. Quality Exhibitor, you can trust him.  Otherwise, ask a lot of questions.

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